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              西方民主是否適合中國英文新聞翻譯  您現在的位置:新聞中心  

            Shanghai Noon1個月前譯文來源:龍騰網 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COM
            Technically, China is a consultative democracy. Xi Jinping and members of the central committee and the politburo are all elected. These elections are every 5 years. The problem is that people think our democracy should look like western democracy. This is beginning to sound a lot like softcore colonisation. 


            Nope ,China is not a democracy in any shape or model.


            Jack Tan1個月前
            +DEVRIMCI2007  hahaha, what a definitive claim! so which country do you deem to be a democracy? in that sense, truly governed by the people, of the people, and for the people? US? Uk? France? Are you a joke? Not to mention, is Western democracy even a good and constructive political system in the first place, given all these chaos and disarray it has brought upon the west itself, not to mention all the other non-western countries? In short, your concept of democracy only breeds populism, the promises being broken again and again and again at the same time destructing itself to the core. (Populist politicians make promises to the people for the vote, and make promises to the capitalist bosses for the money, and the vicious circle goes on and on until it hit the very bottom, apparently it hasn't yet) People get this wrong all the time: that The West actually accumulated its power and wealth not when it's a democracy in today's shape, far from it, The West was in fact meritocracy at best. Not to mention all these outrageous colonization the West had done and benefited from. Simple questions: When did African American and women start to be allowed to vote and actively participate in politics? 
            譯文來源:龍騰網 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COM
            + DEVRIMCI2007哈哈哈,什么是明確的說法!所以哪個國家你認為是民主?從這個意義上說,真正由人民統治,人民,為人民?美國?英國?法國?你在說笑嗎?更別說,西方民主也要一個良好的和建設性的、擺在首位的政治制度,西方世界帶來所有這些混亂,混亂也帶來對西方本身,更不用提其他所有非西方國家?總之,你們的民主的概念只孕育民粹主義,一次又一次打破承諾核心問題而同時自毀自己的核心。 (民粹主義政客們做出承諾的人投票,和承諾的資本主義老板賺錢,惡性循環繼續,直到它達到最終,顯然還沒有)人們一直得到錯誤信息:即西方其實累積了權力和財富而不是因為今天的形成的民主,遠非如此,西方實際上精英管理的社會。且不說這些令人發指的殖民西方已經完成并受益匪淺。簡單的問題:什么時候非洲裔美國人和女性開始被允許投票,積極參與政治嗎?

            +Jack Tan At least western democracy is more transparent and efficient than the corrupt oppressive regime in China. No workers right; no human rights in China. Millions of Chinese workers forced to work over hours for a dollar or less to feed the needs of capitalist world. China selling it self as pretty face but realistic we seen how it goes by in African nations. Genocide of ethnic minorities in China, and hundreds of political prisoners etc. In no time you will be a conquering empire in the process killing innocents and selling your imperialist ambitions.

            + Jack Tan至少西方民主國家比中國的腐敗暴虐的政權更加透明和高效。工人沒有的權利;沒有人權的中國。數以百萬計的中國工人被迫小時工作在一塊錢以下養活資本主義世界的需求。中國展現虛偽的臉,但現實的我們看到它是如何在非洲國家。在中國種族滅絕少數民族和數百名政治犯等。很快你們將在這個征服帝國過程中殺害無辜者和展現您的帝國主義野心。

            Jack Tan1個月前
            +DEVRIMCI2007  "At least western democracy is more transparent and efficient"??  what kind of people in their right mind would concur with that statement? How many Julin Asenge and Edward Snowden do we need? Talking "Efficient"? are you kidding? have you looked at those recent polls on people's view on US Congress, and other polls done in other western nations where show how poorly rated their respective congress or parliaments in their people's eyes? Sure, i guess you'd now throw me "China's People's Congress is just a rubber stamp" kind of cliche rebuttal. Hey, fire away, guess what, China's consensus-based democracy works, it has worked wonders to produce such a fantastic track record for its people. In fact, Efficiency is one of the strong points and advantages China have over its western counterparts. So, please, save your talk of "efficiency".  Moreover, now that you mention "transparency", people get this wrong all the time, as if "transparent" is always good, and is necessary good. It only shows how shallow thinking the Western idealists are. There are "constructive transparency" and "destructive transparency", in many cases, being too transparent will only do harm and jeopardize a constructive enterprise and endeavor 

            DEVRIMCI2007 “至少西方民主更加透明,高效”的?什么樣的人在他們的腦子里就這一說法贊同?多少Julin Asenge和愛德華•斯諾登,我們需要什么?說到“高效”?你在開玩笑吧?你看著那些最近人們對美國國會的調查來看,和其他西方國家在那里展示如何不好評價他們各自的代表大會或議會中人民的眼前做了其他的調查?當然,我猜你現在想要把我的“中國人大只是一個橡皮圖章”之類的陳詞濫調反駁。嘿,噴吧(魂淡,不用網絡語言根本無法翻譯),你猜怎么著,中國一致同意的民主,它已經為人民創造了奇跡夢幻般的紀錄。事實上,效率的長處和優勢中國擁有超過其西方同行之一。因此,請保存您的“效率”的談話。此外,既然你提到“透明度”,人們一直錯誤的認為,好像“透明”是一件好事,而且是必要的好事。那只能說明西方都是理想主義者是多么膚淺的思維。有“建設性的透明度”和“破壞性的透明度”,在許多情況下,過于透明的將只會損害和危及努力的進取心。

            +Shanghai Noon
            thats a intresting thing to say for someone representing a communistic party state. and im not american btw, im european.
            its true, there is no welfare in china, thats why people in the countryside can actually end up starving or selling themself into slavery.


            Jack Tan1個月前
            +Blindanddumb  The Chinese including me actually feel sorry for you guys living in such a denial and having not being able to wake up, bombarded and brainwashed by your propaganda media outlets such as CNN, BBC and this oil kingdom sponsored, west-orchestrated Al jazeera. We are truly pitying the people in the West who actually self-righteously believe they know more and better than the Chinese, and the Chinese are being either brainwashed or censored up to know anything of outside world. While the truth of the matter is it is you in the West are constantly being brainwashed and know nothing about what is truly taking place in China. Sure, you can read some Chinese dissident 'intellectuals' or 'journalists' or 'NGOs' reports or books, and think you know all that is China. Sure, you can even go to some expats' blogs or websites dedicating to translating Chinese media and China Weibo's content. Sure, you can keep finding faults here and there, from top to bottom, to magnify anything wrong and miserable in this Chinese land of 1.4 billion strong, in order to self-assure and self-comfort your weakening ego and sooth your ever increasing self-doubt. But guess what, you guys would end up making complete fool of yourself, and losing all the precious time to really study what China has done right in order to regroup yourself to compete and save your sorry ass.

            + Blindanddumb中國包括我真的為你們感到遺憾生活在這樣一個拒絕,無法醒來,轟炸和洗腦宣傳媒體如CNN,BBC和這個石油王國贊助,west-orchestrated半島電視臺。我們是真正同情實際上就職的西方人相信他們知道比中國更多更好的,和中國人被洗腦或審查的了解外面的世界。而事實的真相是你在西方不斷被洗腦,不懂什么是真正發生在中國。當然,你可以讀一些中國持不同政見的“知識分子”或“記者”或“非政府組織”報告或書籍,和認為你知道所有的中國。當然,你甚至可以去一些外國人的博客或網站致力于翻譯中國媒體和微博的內容。當然,你可以不斷尋找缺點,從上到下,放大任何錯誤和痛苦在這個14億人的中國土地,為了自我安慰和安慰你不斷增加的懷疑。但你猜怎么著,你們最終能愚弄你們自己 ,失去寶貴的時間真正研究中國做對了什么為了重組自己競爭并保存您的可憐的人

            Zendi Zong4周前
            China is just protecting Asian countries from the real threat and hypocrite from the Western ideology and governing base style democracy.


            Blalack Studio2周前
            i call Bull, Because America is not a Democracy, and to be honest, there is no Democratic Western country. the only country which has a true Democracy and is prospering is India, and they will spread there influence as soon as Tibet is free. 


            +Blalack Studio I agree with you 

            + Blalack Studio我同意你的。

            Zendi Zong2周前
            +Blalack Studio
            No cares for India and its people. Indian needs to take of their own before other country since India is still unstable amongst its own society. Leave your Democracy in your country. The rest don't need Indianization of a Democracy in our door step.


            +Blalack Studio Noop,Actually western country don't touch the real Democracy  just  avoid to become the country like india.

            Blalack Studio瞎說,其實西方國家不要接觸到真正的民主只是避免成為像印度這樣的國家。

            Blalack Studio1周前
            India just became a Democracy and is thriving faster then any country, some are even suspecting that India will be rivaling China economically in the next 10 years


            +Blalack Studio Yeah, india "will" jai hind!!!!

            + Blalack Studio 是的!印度“將” 勝利屬于印度!!!!

            liu wen4周前
            For the Taiwan case: 1) its GDP per capita is now only 3 times, not 5 times. 2) It is much better off than mainland China before 1949 3)when the nationalitst party was defeated by Communists' party and fled to Taiwan, it took a lot of gold and top elites from Mainland 4) it is a coast area, which is far more easier to develop than China's vast hinterland 5) it develops under one-party system, after its first presidency election, its averages salaries stop growing.

            以臺灣為例:1)人均GDP現在只有3倍,沒有5倍。 2)比1949年中國大陸更好。3)當國民黨被GCD人擊敗并逃往臺灣,帶走了大量黃金和內地精英4沿海地區更容易發展相比中國廣闊的腹地5)它在一黨制的發展,其第一個總統選舉后,其平均工資停止增長。

            So what it's only 3 times! At least we've better air can breath. 


            liu wen4周前
            +沈偉峰  that is because Taiwan develops earlier. in the 1980's Taiwan was also very polluted. Besides, the gap is constanly shrinking between China and Taiwan. And you
            know smaller population tend to have higher GDP per capita.

            + 沈偉峰 ,這是因為臺灣的早期開發。在1980年的臺灣也非常污染。此外,中國大陸和臺灣之間差距的不斷地縮小。你知道小群體往往有更高的人均GDP。

            eiji kenji4周前
            +沈偉峰  of course, the air in taiwan is much cleaner because you dont have much factory.
            your economy growth is low.
            your population is small
            yet, the level of discontent against the govt, political system , party is among the highest than other nation.

            + 沈偉峰 當然,空氣在臺灣是干凈多了,因為你沒有太多的工廠。 

            +Paul Mooney Hong Kong people never got the right to vote by UK before 1994 or 1995,I don't remember the exact year. That's what western countries do. Hong Kong is a liberalism city but never a democratic one, which you can find the reference from the book called "politics, a very short introduction ". So, do you think they don't have a good living standard before that? I don't mean democratic system is not important,instead, it's good but it just doesn't mean the non-democratic one is hopeless. Maybe in the future ,China needs a democratic system, but now, don't worry about us ,we are making progress. We are not that kind of stupid communist country like North Korea. :)

            + Paul Mooney香港人沒有投票的權利,英國在1994年或1995年之前,我不記得確切的。這是西方國家做的。香港是一個自由主義的城市但從來沒有民主,你可以從這本書中找到參考

            Lap Fung Lee1周前
            We have a local proverb, '人無恥,則無敵', it pretty much sums up Dr Zhang.


            Karma Thinleytaye2周前
            China civilised? hahahaha and they say that out loud ? Mao killed more people then all Chinese emperors in the entire history of China together. And he was even proud of it. a genocide on the Tibetan identity is going on right now, since 1950, that's 5 years after the second world war. Shame on China, 


            eiji kenji1周前
            karma, nice propaganda. follow the party line
            genocide of tibetan identity?  like in the west, tibetan people speak english, wear western suit, eat western food?


            Karma Thinleytaye6天前 (已編輯)
            Tibetan in the west adopt and intergrate, unlike Chinese in the west holding on to Chinese lies. In Tibet, Tibetan language is banned from schools; Traditional Tibetan songs they cannot sing, they can get up to 12 years torture in prison for that. (Dhondup Wanchen)All Tibetan habbits arent alowed or chanched into Chinese kitch, forced for Tibetan people to adapt them, Tibetan are forced to have an ugly horror Chinese flag. in the west we have free acces to internet, even Chinese in the west can have, but instead they hold on Chinese forced rewritten, and rewritten, and rewritten nonsense

            XZ在西方接受和intergrate,不像中國人在西方滿是中國的謊言。在XZ,藏語被學校禁止;傳統的藏歌,他們唱不了。他們可以在獄中得到長達12年的折磨這一點。 (頓珠Wanchen)中國人進入所有藏族習慣的土地上耕種,強迫藏族人適應他們,XZ被迫有一個丑陋恐怖的中國國旗。在西方我們可以自由訪問互聯網,即使中國人在西方都不能,而是他們中國人被迫胡說,胡說,重復撒謊。

            The CCP has killed more people than Stalin, and about as many Hitler, if you attribute all 50,000,000 WWII deaths to Hitler.


            Him Rahman3周前
            Democracy is an ideology and its imposition to any country isn't quite right. Different opinions and perceptions about democracy have to be seriously considered otherwise the dark side of democracy might trigger social nightmare getting worsened.


            Alex Hawke1個月前
            Look at that silly Chink. Poor sod prolly believes the nonsense he's sprouting.
            We should just sell them some more opium!


            Mb Scrolls1個月前
            With respect, that's a silly Chink who's sold a million books and held high political officialdom to you.
            Opium - how 19th Century of you. 
            Civilisation is a marathon not a sprint.
            Butt hurt losers dwell on the past. Winners just do.

            鴉片 - 你還活在19世紀。 

            K Zhao1個月前
            Thank you for proving to me that "embracing democracy" is just pesky way for some of you westerners to have your egos upheld. 


            I don't think universal suffrage will ever work in China, the population is too large and the uneducated and poor are too easily manipulated by politicians. With 1 party authoritarian rule, there is at least social stability. A democracy will mean political chaos with factions grabbing whatever power they can. In China's case, the end justifies the means. I believe even if the communist party was overthrown, it will just be replaced by another authoritarian government.


            hamed mamat1個月前
            I read the comment's and very disappointed. I think Mehdi Hasan is good well skilled journalist. and weiwei showed how shameless Chinese government is I think. I hope China will get better in future and let there people live freely as western counties. I miss my home one day I could go back to China.


            Go home. Be a change agent. Do not be shamelessly hiding in a foreign country.


            hamed mamat4周前
            I am not politician and I don't really know what system is what . One thing I know is people in west live and work treatet equally. But in China we always afraid of government why can't we have society like west that we can express our meaning create competition and fear system we could come much further if we could work and treat our self equally.I only think that is my personal meaning. 


            +hamed mamat “we can express our meaning create competition and fear system” you mean Snowden?

            + hamed mamat :“我們可以表達我們的意思創造競爭和恐懼系統”你的意思是斯諾登?(這哥們吐曹他的fear system,其實他是想說‘受管制的體制’中國試英語,將就一下,)

            Don Juan1個月前
            Taiwan is living proof liberal democracy works for Chinese culture. That and also Hong Kong, Macao, and dare I say Singapore.


            K Zhao1個月前
            Democracy would work individually for major cities in China if you tried, but will not work for China as a whole. 


            China is sooo overrated. If you compare the nominal GDP between America and China, America's GDP(nominal) is twice of China. China still has a very long way to go to keep up with America. 


            +Bastion0711 Nominal is a very weak measure against Real GDP in that it doesn't account other factors that may return a bad representation such as inflated prices, exchange rates, prices of basket of goods (PPP) and etc.

            + Bastion0711名義上GDP是一個很弱的度量實際國內生產總值,對實際GDP,因為它沒有考慮其他實際,可能會得到不正確的表現,如抬高物價,匯率,一籃子商品(PPP)等價格上漲等因素的影響

            Hey, Good Mornoonevenight4周前
            Never in the history of humankind that a single country bring its people out of poverty a such scale, speed, and depth in such a short period of time.
            Majority of US GDP are contributed by Chinese: Chinese company profit only $5 after paying the other half to labour, land, factory, machine, energy, water, environment, raw material, and tax for every pair of shoe manufactured for the American company which they sell around the world for $100. 


            Ray Hassan1個月前
            China has a one party democracy vs. a multi-party democracy. That is the way it was in ancient Greece when Democracy worked well historically and we model democracy after the Greek mode;.


            Greg Chalmers2小時前
            This compere is unsuitable for such a complex debate.  Forcing guests to answer in a 15 second sound-bite is both insulting and destructive to the very aims of the program.


            Raymond Mui1周前
            China need its own style of democracy, the westner democracy doesn't fit in the chinese society. Have been lived in china for 15 years, and living in NY for 10 years now.


            Yakimabelle 1 day ago 3踩 137贊 

            Continuing my discussion on how Communism works - by murdering or driving out enough of the population that there is enough to go around - except it seems there never is for anyone other than the higher ranking members of the party, let's talk about Chairman Mao, that adorably cuddly mass murderer.
            譯文來源:龍騰網 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COM

            From 1949 - 1975, Chairman Mao made significant inroads into the Chinese population; the median estimate is around 39.9 million to 40 million, with some authorities claiming 70 million or more.

            從1949 - 1975,毛主席在中國人民內部制造了讓人不得不注意的”收獲“;媒體估計有3千9百萬到4千萬,還有一些專家聲稱是7千萬或更多。


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